Change Management


We’ve had a bumpy few days around the ol’ homestead. Our oldest human we created started Pre-K last week. She marched in with intention and excitement. She has since developed the shortest fuse ever for the stupidest people (her parents) she’s ever met. The big change of leaving her cozy and comfortable daycare environment that she has thrived in for almost five years combined with her tornado of a little brother is causing all the patience she once had, which was pretty minimal to start with, to completely evaporate.

Last night, following a complete and utter breakdown she dropped some words of wisdom on me during my terrorist negotiations to bring her back from the brink. I asked her if there was something going on that was making her feel frustrated or mad lately. She contemplated the question and after some reflection stated, “There are just a lot of changes. And my body isn’t ready for them….I just need one or two days to myself.” Me too, sister. ME TOO.

The simple insight from an almost-five-year-old was pretty eye-opening. Sometimes an abundance of change is just more than our bodies or minds can process. I, for one, have a little too much going on right now. Trying to keep all the plates spinning: family, work, health, exercise, a somewhat clean house, and social and volunteer activities has left me feeling a bit frazzled. Combined with the toxicity of the news environment (according to my analytics, no one read my last blog, which is fine I don’t need your approval but if you change your mind that’s the link), I’m having a hard time just staying focused. Is this normal? Is this what working while raising kids is like? Just complete and total madness all the time?

After her revelation that she needed some “me time” I compromised with her. Seeing as giving a little kid “one or two days to themselves” toes the line of neglect, we settled on watching a movie in mom and dad’s room sans baby. A peace accord was reached. All is well.

I find myself on a little bit of an introspective journey as of late realizing achieving overall good health has a lot more to it than just saying no to fast food. Making my mental health a priority has proven beneficial. Saying no to requests that I can’t fulfill, stepping away from commitments that aren’t mutually beneficial and taking time to evaluate negative people or circumstances and reducing their influence has been paying dividends.  I’ve still got work to do with cleaning out the unnecessary things, both literally and figuratively. But I’m inspired by a wise little girl and am committed to eliminating some of the noise and “letting my body get used to the change.”


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