The Scale is No Friend of Mine


Y’all. The flipping scale is NOT moving. On more than one occasion when I’ve climbed on that jerk, I’ve wanted to tell her where she can go when she gives her report. (I had a real hard time writing that sentence without cuss words. But I’m a lady, so just know that where I want her to go and what I want her to do to herself aren’t positive.)

July, in its defense, has been kind of a disaster. First we celebrated the Independence from Britain with meats and carbs. Then we hosted a Watergate themed party (don’t @ me) and I made three impeachment desserts (get it? imPEACHment? Because he got impeached and peaches are delicious? My cleverness knows no bounds) because I have commitment issues. Then I thought I was dying for four days. And then I forgot I was old and went to see fellow Oklahoma State alumni Garth Brooks and I may never stop being tired. So, I’ve followed a very loose diet. “Diet.” Not my best work, so I’d say, oh probably 90% of this lack of progress is on me.

But that other 10% has to be the universe, yes? Do I have to start being a better/nicer person to get over the hump? If so, for how long? I have no patience and get frustrated easily. Don’t blame me, I learned it from my kids.

I do have to continue to repeat to myself  that I didn’t gain the weight overnight, so I can’t expect to lose it overnight as well. I say the words, I just need to work on buying in.

My 7 lb goal by our cruise seems almost impossible…which is okay. Instead of dwelling, I’m trying to focus on what I can do in August to get back on track. Below are things I’m looking into, I’d love any feedback. Thoughts, feelings and reflections? Let me hear them.

  • Barre: What is this all about? Is it ballet? Do you need to be good at ballet? What do you wear? Are there any fat people who do barre? Or is this something you do after you lose weight? I just need to know if I will be the token squishy participant.
  • Healthy snacks: I’m in desperate need of healthy snack ideas. Please share. Let your light shine, don’t hide it under a bushel.
  • Fish recipes. I’m going to make August the month of fish. Pisces Unite!
  • Eating many small meals throughout the day. Let’s talk about this. Are you doing this? I think this might be a good option for me. I want to hear from someone who eats all the time and looks good.
  • Hiring someone to slap late-night snacks out of my hand.

Also, I’m officially half-way through my running challenge. 50 days. Fifty freaking days. I can’t believe it. You know what is the dumbest part of this challenge? (there are so many dumb parts) We are traveling internationally during it. So we have to find places to run after we fly on an airplane for 11 hours…on a scale of 1-10, how jealous are you? 11, right?

Okay, give me your best tips. I’m open to trying anything. Well, not anything, that’s such an overreaching comment, I’ll try most things….okay, let’s be honest, I will try some things. So only bring your best material.





One thought on “The Scale is No Friend of Mine

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