June’s Over? Julying.


Whatever June. What. Ever. June was kind of a bust for me, so I’m closing the door and heading right into the month of America’s independence. Good riddance!

I’m unsure which topic to address first: the wins or the losses. Both were pretty influential. I’m going to channel my inner 80s sitcom and go gloomy first then end with sunshine. It always work for Marsha, Jan and Cindy, this should work for me too.

The scale didn’t move much this month. A grand total of 4 lbs. I had originally planned on losing an average of 2 lbs. a week, so you can see that this was…not equal to that. And yes, I know what they say about making plans: don’t. But I’m a planner and a goal setter, so I have to be me. And me is disappointed. I’m fighting the thoughts of “this is just the way you are always going to look.” Losing weight this time around as opposed to three years ago is a lot different. It’s harder. And maybe I’ve missed my window. Maybe this is it for me. I can’t get back to where I once was. Maybe it’s time to have a little self awareness.

BUT maybe I’m jumping the gun. I do that. I blame all my years of watching Dateline. It stole my innocence. It also taught me the signs to watch for in case Husband ever tries to kill me, but I digress. I’m going to re-calibrate my original goal and just go from there. My initial goal when I started this blog was to lose 26 pounds in 13 weeks by the time we left for our anniversary cruise. Well, we leave in exactly 4 weeks. So I’m setting my sites on 7 lbs.

Okay, now that I’ve lulled you all in to depression with the sad trombone, let’s pick this up a little and see the things I did well.

  • I ran a mile every day in June. This stupid #100milesummer challenge is exactly 1/3 complete. I ran 38.3 miles total in the month. There was an impromptu 5K for equality in there and progress was made. Just today, I ran my fastest mile. I broke through and ran under 11 minutes. It was a big, big deal to me. So…67 more days. Sixty. Seven. I’m trying to add a little more distance to each run, but so far, so good(ish).
  • I spun at Cyclebar 12 times in June. I’m not getting better, and for a minute I felt like I was getting worse. I consulted with my friend who is the instructor and my three-times-a-week therapist and she said, “stop being a pansy and push yourself” (more or less). And I think she might be on to something. So I’m going to reluctantly turn it up to an 11.
  • In the last few weeks, I’ve been making a more concentrated effort to focus on more protein. I will never be no carbs. 1. Because I love carbs and 2. I would be miserable without them. I less interested in diet tricks than I am in lifestyle changes. So while I can’t cut them out, I can cut back. So we’re doing protein shakes/smoothies in the mornings and less pasta, which is going to work out perfectly for my trip to Italy at the end of the month. But until them, BRING ME THE MEAT!
  • Salads! I actually really like salad and because the Universe was feeling generous a little deli just a hop, skip and a jump from my office now has an unlimited salad bar. Feeling pretty good about that situation. Please offer up any good salad recipes you might have.

I was watching the Thunder Girls tryouts last night online (because sometimes I do weird things) and it got me thinking. As they were asking each contestant/finalist their Miss America questions (did you know that was a part of it? I did not), I was contemplating how I would answer them.

  • Who is the most influential person in your life?
    • Eddie Sutton
  • Where does your confidence come from?
    • My brain
  • What’s your favorite trait about yourself?
    • I’m hilarious
  • What motivates you?
    • winning

I have a terrible habit of the desire for instant gratification. As my 4 year old says, “I guess this is just the way God made me.” But God also made me fiercely competitive. Months like this one are a strain on my resolve, but I’m yet to lose my motivation.  I going to finish this running challenge because I said I would. I’m going to lose this weight because I deserve to be happy and wear cute clothes and be the winner (yet to be determined what I’m actually winning, besides the “I’m so awesome” prize.)

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