Mother May I?


Okay, so May is over, and can I just say covfefe? You know what I mean. Side note, I think I’m going to stop watching the news. All of it. I am choosing to exist in a world with no current affairs updates…gonna add that to the June goals.

I promised to be honest with my updating, so here is how May shook out.

  • Weight lost: 8 lbs. I wish it was more. I’m about 2 lbs. off from where I wanted to be. I blame the “Porker” hotdog I ordered at the baseball game last week. So if I keep on my same trajectory, with the goal of 26 lbs lost by July 28, I’ve got 18 to go in 8 weeks.
  • I set out to do a Jillian Michaels DVD workout every day of May. We got 25 workouts in out of 31. If this was a test, it would be a B (barely). I’ll take it. Aim for an A in June?
  • CycleBar: 11 classes in May. I want to report that I’m getting better, but I don’t think I am. I always rank about 25th…which is not a B. But I still love it and I’ve found two back up instructors to my favorite, who I’m totally loyal to.
  • Eating out/fast food for lunch: only three times during the month (minus work-related meetings that required it).
  • Shopping. I only shopped twice. YOU GUYS. This is a big deal. This may come as a surprise to you, but when you don’t take advantage of every really good deal you come across, you can really save yourself some money. I’m so proud that it only took me 38 years to learn that. As I was told in elementary school, I’m very advanced.
  • And finally, I came up with the stupidest physical challenge for myself. What was I thinking? I’m 4 days in to my “run every day for eternity/100 days” challenge and I’m thinking maybe I could have set the bar a little lower. So…once again eyes are bigger than my stomach (this has never been a problem for me, my stomach amazingly can hold all the food. All of it).

May had it’s challenges as well. Balancing social time and busy schedules makes it tough to eat healthy. Eating healthy is hard anyway, it requires planning. Fast food salads aren’t actually that healthy because the world is unfair and dumb. So, I’m still working on the every meal is a healthy meal angle of life. I need a personal chef like Oprah. I need a lot of things that Oprah has. I need to be Oprah.

I’m also trying to find the balance between working toward my goal and giving myself a little break when the scale doesn’t move. My inclination is to just quit and give up. Super mature approach, I know. My general impatience is probably not my best quality. Although, Husband and the kids with disagree. I’m positive they appreciate me asking through gritted teeth daily, “What is taking so long?”

But seriously scale, what is taking so long?

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