Keep the Change


I discovered last week that it is difficult to write about being healthy and losing weight when you aren’t losing weight. I could have written a “this is all so stupid” blog and “what is the point of any of this?” blog, but I don’t think that would help any of us. Instead I whined those feelings out loud to Husband and abandoned the blog.

Fear not, I have not quit. Ironically, it was a conversation we were having about parenting that got me back on track. I was noting that life is essentially all about discipline, it starts when you are young and your parents and teachers teach you right from wrong. Boundaries and rules are set, you learn how to abide by them and depending on the discipline used, you learn consequences and rewards. But that carries forward in every aspect of life. Being disciplined and choosing to use good judgment basically drives everything you do. Will you get up on time or sleep in? Will you speed on the way to work? Will you eat healthy or drink too much? Almost every circumstance you find yourself in is a result of the degree of discipline you have shown.

Which leads me to my favorite quote that I saw in a Weight Watchers magazine last year. Nothing changes if nothing changes. It’s that simple. If you don’t like the current state of your health, job, relationship etc. the only way that changes is by making a change yourself.

So I found myself contemplating discipline and change on Saturday morning. I signed up for spin and had zero desire to go. Luckily, Husband quite literally pushed me out the door and demanded that I go have fun.

And then Tupac’s Changes came on in class and I was all, “Okay universe, I HEAR YOU!” Do you think that’s how it works? Do you think God and the universe are communicating with me via strategically placed Tupac songs? I really, really hope so. I deserve that much.

So, this summer I’m working on changing my very bad habit of making excuses. I’m pushing myself to complete the #100milesummer. I stole this idea from a Facebook post I saw, the premise being run every day from Memorial Day to Fourth of July. One mile for 37 straight days. I decided to turn it up to an 11 and do 100 days. One hundred miles from Memorial Day to Labor Day (+1 extra day because of course the calendar couldn’t just work with me).

Is this a huge physical feat? No. Will it be a mental one? I think so. Every day. One mile. No excuses. Hopefully, I’ll lose some pounds along the way, but this challenge is much more about strengthening my self control. Setting a goal and seeing it through, no matter what.

Tomorrow brings another weigh-in day. We will see if the stupid scale has moved. And if it hasn’t, like Tupac says, “some things will never change, try to show another way but you’re staying in the dope game.” In this scenario, I’m trying to make a change, the scale is the dope game.




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