We recently returned from a quick vacation to Arizona, the Valley of the Sun as the natives and midwesterners who moved there to avoid snow call it. Whatever the opposite of a cleanse is, that’s what our vacation was. A mess? A dirty? We fully participated in a master mess.

So upon returning 3 lbs. heavier and a recent consumer of all of the sodium available, we buckled down and set some short and long term goals. I’m putting them here so we can all rejoice when I reach them. Or we can hit delete and pretend they never existed.  Fate of this blog post is yet to be determined…

Short-Term Goals for the month of May:

  1. Only eat out once a week. This shouldn’t be TOO hard, as I’m not a big fast food or restaurant person, but I am positive my waistline and wallet will both benefit.
  2. Jillian Michaels every day for 30 days. I love Jillian. I hated her at first, but I’ve grown to love and appreciate her. I also turn the volume down and believe me: game-changer. Here is me and Jillian…she’s going to inspire me to stop eating so much cheese. 
  3. And one last goal focused on my financial health, no shopping for a month. Relax, ain’t no way I’m going minimalistic. Just want to go off the grid for 30 days and say no to the sales at Banana Republic tempting me in my inbox.

Mid-term Goals:

  1. As of my Tuesday morning weigh in, I have officially 51 pounds to lose. I think when I started this blog I had 46, so that is a great sign! Anyway, I’ve learned it’s easier to achieve small chunks than just focus on the final amount. So I sat down and calculated out that I have 13 weeks until Husband and I take a cruise to Greece for our 10th anniversary. If I can average 2 lbs a week for 13 weeks, I will be down 26 by our cruise and halfway to my goal. So, 26 pounds by the end of July. That’s the focus.
  2. And that means back to Weight Watchers. Which means entering food that I know is high in points instead of pretending like I didn’t just consume 10 points worth of beer or chili cheese Fritos. Accountability is the worst.

So that’s it. This blog is boring, I know that…but they can’t all be winners. Or can they? Goal #6: make every blog a winner. Starting tomorrow.

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